• Orions Belte

    Bean Orions Belte

    Orions Belte

    Orions Belte are a trio from Oslo influenced by lo-fi psych, Nigerian 70s rock, underground blues, dub, lounge music and classic soul. Instrumental music from Norway. But it's vocals? Yes. But not really. So it's not instrumental music then? Yes. It's breezy, but sometimes louder. You know, a small unit of people making the music they love the most. Check it out. Read more on Last.fm

  • Massive Attack

    Safe From Harm (Just A Dub) Massive Attack

    Massive Attack

    Massive Attack is a trip-hop band which formed in Bristol, England in 1988. The group currently consists of Robert "3D" Del Naja and Grant "Daddy G" Marshall. Third member Andy "Mushroom" Vowles left the group in 1999. The band has released five studio albums: "Blue Lines" (1991), "Protection" (1994), "Mezzanine" (1998), "100th Window" (2003), and "Heligoland" (2010). On 28 January 2016, Massive Attack released a new EP, Ritual Spirit, followed by The Spoils in July. Read more on Last.fm

  • Mndsgn

    DAVIBE Mndsgn


    Mndsgn (pronounced Mind Design) is the alias of Ringgo Ancheta, a Los Angeles based producer who released his debut album "Yawn Zen" on Stones Throw Records in August 2014. "Yawn Zen" was preceded by a cassette release of leftovers and b-sides called "Surface Outtakes" on Leaving Records. Read more on Last.fm

  • Ike White

    Antoinette (excerpt) Ike White

    Ike White

    There are many "Ike Whites" in this world - let's give them a chance - so that the color of their skin does not make its final destination be behind bars"... These lines signed by Stevie Wonder himself give an idea of this interesting album. In 1976, the label the based in the area of Los Angeles, California, brings to light an album by an artist called Ike White, Tehachapi prison inmate, a small town in the interior of the State. This data hinted Read more on Last.fm

  • Kings of Convenience

    The Weight of My Words (Four Tet remix) (instrumental) Kings of Convenience

    Kings of Convenience

    Kings of Convenience are a music duo formed in Bergen, Norway, playing a style that features acoustic instrumental playing and their two voices. The band consists of Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe. They met as children at a geography competition. They are known for their delicate tunes, calming voices, and intricately subtle guitar melodies. After first earning notice thanks to a series of acclaimed European festival appearances during the summer of 1999 Read more on Last.fm

  • Clams Casino

    I'm God (with Imogen Heap) Clams Casino

    Clams Casino

    Clams Casino is the pseudonym of New Jersey resident Michael Volpe, who has shot from relative obscurity to production sensation thanks to a handful of blistering tracks. Edging into the limelight after passing tunes to Soulja Boy and Bay Area superstar Lil B, his originality has resonated with more than just rap fans. Clams hasn’t confined his songwriting to rap music alone, and listening to his productions you can hear a keen sense of harmony Read more on Last.fm

  • Nick Hakim

    Qadir (Instrumental) Nick Hakim

    Nick Hakim

    Born to Chilean and Peruvian parents and based in Brooklyn -- though Washington, D.C. is his hometown -- Nick Hakim arrived in 2014 as a purposefully raw and refined balladeer with an old soul. Prior to his breakout year, he appeared on Gizmo's Red Balloon album beside the likes of Gwen Bunn and Casey Benjamin, but 2014 was when he released a pair of warmly received EPs. The predominantly acoustic Where Will We Go, Pt. 1 (July) and Where Will We Go, Pt. Read more on Last.fm

  • Knxwledge

    makeitliveforever Knxwledge


    From Philadelphia young beatmaker Glen Booth has been bubbling beneath the surface in the virtual world and has quickly made it onto the playlists of global radiomixes. Recently featured on Detroit MC Invincible’s “Shapeshifters” (2008) and XLR8R magazine, he is a proven standout amongst the new wave beat generation. His captivating sound is a blend of true musicianship of great legends such as Miles Davis and hip-hop breakbeats all wrapped into one. Read more on Last.fm

  • Four Tet

    No More Mosquitoes (Boom Bip remix) Four Tet

    Four Tet

    Four Tet is the name used by Kieran Hebden (born 1977 in Putney, London, UK) for his experimental electronic music-oriented solo efforts, to differentiate from his work with post-rock band Fridge. Hebden's solo work typically utilises samples lifted from various sources including hip-hop, electronica, techno, jazz, and folk mixed with his own guitar playing. Four Tet shares some stylistic similarities with other musicians, such as Prefuse 73, who use computer editing techniques that give the music a staccato, cut-up feel. Read more on Last.fm