• Waxahatchee

    Ice Cold Waxahatchee


    Waxahatchee is a solo project of American singer and guitarist Katie Crutchfield (born in 1989) of P.S. Eliot and Bad Banana. Waxahatchee, named after Waxahatchee Creek in Alabama where Crutchfield grew up, began in 2010 during the breakup of P.S. Eliot. Crutchfield released her first music as Waxahatchee as a split cassette with Chris Clavin on Plan-It-X Records. Her bedroom-recorded debut album, American Weekend, was released on Don Giovanni Records in 2012. Read more on Last.fm

  • Frightened Rabbit

    The Woodpile Frightened Rabbit

    Frightened Rabbit

    Frightened Rabbit was an indie rock band which formed in 2003 in Glasgow, Scotland. The band consisted of Scott Hutchison (b. 20 November 1981, d. 9 May 2018), Billy Kennedy (guitar, keyboards), Grant Hutchison (drums, vocals), and Andy Monaghan (guitar, keyboards). The band has released five albums: "Sing the Greys" (2006), "The Midnight Organ Fight" (2008), "The Winter of Mixed Drinks" (2010), "Pedestrian Verse" (2013) and "Painting of a Panic Attack" (2016). Read more on Last.fm

  • Divorce

    My Room Divorce


    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Four dorks that live in Glasgow, Scotland and make an obnoxious racket. Debut album released September 2012 via Night School. Broke up August 2013. 2) Divorce was a Greek heavy metal/AOR band. 3) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's DIVORCE. are a rock'n'roll band influenced by classic emo bands like Braid and Jimmy Eat World. 4) DIVORCE is a Los Angeles-based techno duo. 5) Divorce is a Swedish pop group. 6) Divorce is an alt country group from Nottingham, England. Read more on Last.fm

  • The Smiths

    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me The Smiths

    The Smiths

    The Smiths was an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1982. The band was comprised of the singer Morrissey, the guitarist Johnny Marr, the bassist Andy Rourke and the drummer Mike Joyce. They are regarded as one of the most important acts to emerge from the 1980s British independent music scene. When asked about the group's name, Morrissey explained: "It was the most ordinary name and I thought it was time the ordinary folk of the world showed their faces. Read more on Last.fm

  • King Krule

    Time for slurp King Krule

    King Krule

    Named after the Elvis Presley film King Creole, King Krule is a solo project of Archy Marshall (born 24 August 1994), a London-based artist who has been compared to Joe Strummer and Billy Bragg. The singer, songwriter, guitarist, and keyboardist raised eyebrows with the 2010 single "Out Getting Ribs," released under the alias Zoo Kid, which showcased his distinctively raw voice. Anticipation for Marshall's first album grew as the song earned him a spot on various high-profile "artists to watch" lists Read more on Last.fm

  • Air

    All I Need Air


    Air is a French music duo from Versailles, consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel. Their critically acclaimed debut album, Moon Safari, including the track "Sexy Boy", was an international success in 1998. Its follow-up, The Virgin Suicides, was the score to Sofia Coppola's first movie of the same name. The band has since released the albums 10 000 Hz Legend, Talkie Walkie, Pocket Symphony, Love 2, Le voyage dans la lune and Music for Museum. The band is influenced by a wide variety of musical styles and artists. Read more on Last.fm

  • Hinds

    Boom Boom Back (feat. Beck) Hinds


    Hinds, previously known as Deers, is a duo from Madrid, Spain. Band members are Ana García Perrote (vocals/guitar) and Carlotta Cosials (vocals/guitar). They released their first 3 albums as a four piece band, with Ade Martin (bass/backing vocals) and Amber Grimbergen (drums). Hinds are considered a garage rock, garage pop and lo-fi band, and have been compared to a blend of rock bands such as The Pastels, C86-like bands, contemporary garage rock and 1960s groups with a poppier sound Read more on Last.fm