• Zoë Mc Pherson

    Lamella (Scratcha DVA Remix ) (feat. Scratcha DVA) Zoë Mc Pherson

    Zoë Mc Pherson

    A transmedia project merging organic & electronic worlds, folk & the global digital space. String Figures is inspired by the ancient and current practice of ‘Cat’s Cradle’ all over the world. Figures as leisure game, graphical art form, medium for storytelling, chanting and spiritual expression. A continuous weaving of Strings approached with hypnotic sounds, mathematical choreography, subliminal landscapes and otherworldly journeys. Zoë Mc Pherson & Alessandra Leone make tactile meditations associated with a certain twist of the string. Read more on Last.fm

  • May

    PHONE ME May


    There are nine different acts by the name of May: 1. Screamo band from Germany. Primary may consisted of Oliver Schwarz and Alexander Scheibe. The early rehearsals took place in a backyard garage of a friends grandma.That was about spring 2004. The inspiration that made them do so was the pasion to the music and still the knowledge of being nontypical in comparison to mainstream teenagers.May is this day the first and the only band they took part in. Read more on Last.fm

  • Grian Chatten

    Last Time Every Time Forever Grian Chatten

    Grian Chatten

    Grian Chatten is best known as the lead singer and frontman of Irish post-punk / alternative rock band, Fontaines D.C. April 2023 saw the release of his début solo single, 'The Score', with a full-length album set for a June 2023 release. Read more on Last.fm

  • Overmono

    Good Lies Overmono


    Overmono are the two brothers Ed Russel (Tessela) and Tom Russel (Truss, MPIA3). Under their respective artist names Truss and Tessela, they have forged formidable individual reputations as producers. Defining tracks such as Truss’ ‘Kymin Lea’ and ‘Beacon’ and Tessela’s ‘Rough 2’ and ‘Hackney Parrot’ for the likes of R&S, Perc Trax, and their own Poly Kicks label, have encapsulated so much of what is exciting and vital in UK underground, electronic music. Read more on Last.fm

  • Jungle

    Dominoes Jungle


    There are several artists using the moniker 'Jungle'. 1. Jungle is an English modern soul musical collective founded by childhood friends, Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson. Jungle was formed at the beginning of 2013, choosing to put an aesthetic emphasis on the music’s surrounding artwork and videos, and not on the pairs' own identity, (McFarland and Lloyd-Watson came to be known as J and T). Throughout the following year Jungle developed its nature as a collective by working with different artists across diverse disciplines. Read more on Last.fm

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